Transcribe My Media

Professional Audio and Video Transcriptions by Transcribe My Media

Audio and Video Transcriptions by Transcribe My Media

Fast, accurate and confidential transcription and copy typing services from Ben Gamblin, a business services professional with over 10 years of experience. Eliminate the agencies, work direct and reduce your costs – rates start from just 60p per audio minute and with a free trial available for new customers, you can be confident in a quality service!

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Past projects undertaken by Transcribe My Media include …

  • Interviews cautioned under the Police and Criminal Evidence (PACE) Act,
  • Television documentary interviews,
  • Newspaper and magazine article interviews,
  • Academic research interviews,
  • Corporate research projects,
  • Internal company meetings (including disciplinary hearings),
  • Focus groups,
  • Conferences and events,
  • Telephone conversations,
  • Podcasts,
  • General dictation

Core Transcription Rates:

General: Intelligent @ 60p/min; Semi-Verbatim @ 75p/min; Verbatim @ 90p/min.
Standard turnaround time: two workings per 60 minutes of media.

Focus Groups: Intelligent @ 70p/min; Semi-Verbatim @ 85p/min; Verbatim @ £1.00/min
(max 10 speakers. Each additional speaker: +2p/min)
Standard turnaround time: three workings per 60 minutes of media.

All transcriptions are subject to a 15 minute minimum service charge. Price covers the service grade stated, to the turnaround time stated, using a BGPS standard template and no timestamps.


Next-day turnaround: +25%
Same-day turnaround: +50%

Faster turnaround is subject to availability and may be limited to between 30-60 minutes of media. For next-day turnaround, your document will be returned at the end of the next working day. For same-day turnaround, this must be arranged in advance and may not be available depending on the day of the week. Media must be provided by 10am with a return by 6pm.

Timestamps (hh:mm:ss; 60s interval): +£2.00 per transcript.
Timestamps (hh:mm:ss.t; 60s internal): +£4.00 per transcript.
Client supplied template: +£2.00 per transcript.

Default timestamping is at 60 second intervals or at speaker change. For more frequent timestamping, at your specified intervals, add £1.00 per transcript.