Voiceover – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, of course!

You need to be completely sure that the voiceover you are choosing is right for your project, so please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask as many questions as you need to. Just send me an email and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Yes. Head over to Demos to hear grouped samples. You can also view a number of complete video productions which feature my voice.

For dry voiceover recordings, yes, broadcast use is permitted. This includes television, radio and internet broadcasts.

Restrictions may apply if you choose to include backing music from my library. This is dependent upon my supplier’s licence so, please ask.

Yes and no. I cannot work with any copyrighted music due to the complex licensing issues surrounding it. I can however add royalty-free, copyright-free music of which there are some great pieces about.

If you have your own royalty-free music and its licence permits you to send it to me for inclusion on your recording, then just let me know and I’ll add it as-is for a small editing fee.

Alternatively, just tell me your requirements and I will endeavour to source a suitable backing track for a small fee.

Generally speaking, I’ll read most scripts but there are a few exceptions. Examples of what I will decline (non-exhaustive) include:

  • Pornography and adult material,
  • Scams,
  • Sham medical practices,
  • Promotions for illegal products or activities (according to UK law),
  • Extreme or inciteful material

If you have a script that you are unsure as to whether I will accept, please feel free to submit it to me for approval before entering into an agreement.

Typically, my services are charged based on the length of your script rather than the time it takes for me to complete the project. I believe this is a fairer method for charging as there is no ambiguity or uncertainty. Clients know before-hand how much a project will cost regardless of how long it actually takes me to complete a job, and there are no surprises on the invoice.

It is also easier from an administration point-of-view. Eliminating the need for me to keep accurate time records, to issue timesheets and to issue frequent invoices reduces my back-office duties, allowing me to offer great rates – particularly on the bigger jobs!

This manner of charging does mean that I have to impose some restrictions though. For example, the number of re-takes and edits included in the base cost is limited simply to prevent jobs running on indefinitely.

Prices are set to reflect the amount of time that I expect to take working on a script of a particular length, the use of studio equipment, licensing and administrative costs.

Typically, I charge for services on the basis of the word-count of your script rather than the duration of the final audio. For example; for a commercial, I might charge for a read of 80 words rather than for a 30 second audio file.

The reason for this is simple: it’s fair! The amount that can be read in a 30 second spot (for example) varies depending on the speed of the read. A slow read may only need 70 words (or maybe even fewer) whereas a fast read could need up-to 90 words.

I believe that in this example case of two clients asking for reads of 30 seconds but one being slower than the other; because shorter scripts require less work than longer scripts, the client requesting the slower read should be charged a smaller fee.

Having said that, for long form reads only, I also offer the option to for charges to be calculated on the final duration length. You can find details on the Long Form Reads and Audio Books page.

Standard working hours shared across all commissions are:

  • Monday to Thursday: 9am – 5pm
  • Friday: 6pm – 8pm
  • Saturday to Sunday: variable. Please ask for current availability.

If you have a particular need for work to be done outside of these hours, please ask as I may still be able to accommodate you.

Note: all times GMT/BST as applicable i.e., UK time. Public holidays excluded.

My current equipment comprises of a Rode NT2-A Large Diaphragm Condenser microphone with Rode Pop Filter, running into a DBX 286s Pre-amp and processor for compression, de-esser and gate functions.

Audio is recorded (in an acoustically treated studio) to PC using a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 Audio Interface and Adobe Audition with Waves Audio plugins for editing and post-production.

Monitoring is via a PreSonus HP4 headphone amplifier to Beyerdynamic DT-150 headphones.

All quotations and invoices are raised in British Pound Sterling (GBP), which applies not only to clients in the UK but overseas too. International clients can make payments in sterling through PayPal.

I’m committed to ensuring my customers get the best possible service from me and that includes re-recording a script if an initial recording isn’t quite right. I want your audio to be exactly what you want for your project.

As standard, I offer to record scripts up-to three times in full and also offer up-to 20 minor edits. This should be more than enough to ensure you get that perfect recording. Edits and re-records can be made at any time up until the point the job is completed as indicated by the delivery of the high-quality file. After this, further edits will be chargeable.

Please note that you will only receive one high-quality file at the end of the completed job.

All clients (UK and worldwide) can make payments by bank transfer or PayPal (including credit/debit card support).

Sorry but cash, cheques and postal orders are not accepted.

For the majority of clients, full payment is due at the conclusion of a job (i.e., when the transcription is delivered).

New customers will be required to pay a deposit of 15% of a quotation before work can commence.

Full payment terms can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Anyone looking to hire a voice over wants to know whether that person is right for the job. To do enable this, I publish recordings on this site and elsewhere. Often I’ll publish entire recordings (particularly where they’re short), but other times I might use extracts either on their own or as part of a compilation.

The agreement for me to use recordings in this way forms part of my standard licence but if this conflicts with your requirements, then don’t assume I cannot help you. just ask for a quotation with a full usage rights waiver, which can be included for an additional charge.

Remember though, that recordings are provided for your benefit too. Without them, you would not be able to hear examples of my previous work!

Absolutely. Just send me your script and I’ll make a recording in the style you indicate.

Audition recordings are provided free of charge. As a result, only a short extract can be recorded and the resulting file may be a lower quality MP3 rather than the highest quality audio files supplied at the end of a completed job.

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