Podcast Audio Services

Podcasts are a great on-demand source of news, entertainment and education but many suffer from poor and inconsistent audio levels or muffled sounds – even from big-name distributors. Make your podcast stand out from the rest! Send through your audio and have it edited to ensure the audio is clear and level, making it a more enjoyable listen for your audience!

As standard, the following processes are conducted to your audio:

  • Mix multiple recordings into one audio file.
  • Minimise the presence of ‘filler’ sounds (e.g., ‘er’, ‘um’ etc.), false starts and errors.
  • Cut sections that aren’t required, according to instruction.
  • Volume adjustment between different parts.
  • Audio compression to further reduce the difference between loud and quiet across the entire production.
  • Volume normalisation.
  • Tonal adjustments (EQ).
  • Insert pre-done idents, theme music, commercials, sponsor messages etc.

In addition, I can also provide a high quality royalty-free voiceover for idents, commercials, intros, outros etc.

For a quotation, please get in touch with your requirements.