Long Form Reads and Audiobooks

Where short read projects are charged by the word count of the script to be read, for long form reads where the final audio duration will be in excess of one hour1, these can be charged by finished audio time instead, offering significant savings over regular rates.

Reads are charged at a flat rate of £150.00 per finished hour, in intervals of 15 minutes (rounded up) and with a minimum charge of one hour.

Long form reads are flexible with delivery of audio in WAV format issued under the standard Audio Licence2 with unlimited revisions available for 14 calendar days following project delivery. The price includes all studio time, post-production, edits and revisions and audio is issued royalty free so you have no ongoing costs if you are selling a product.

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1 Final audio duration counted as per provided script or document. Multiple shorter reads cannot be combined to achieve this service.

2 Voiceover artist’s usage rights waiver available for an additional charge of 25%.

3 An up-front payment of 25% of the estimated total is required for services targeting in excess of three finished audio hours.