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BRITISH MALE VOICE – South-East English, Early-Forties

Looking for a British male voiceover for your next project? With a voice described by clients from around the world as unique, engaging, pleasant and friendly, Ben Gamblin can provide clear and well spoken audio recordings with a fast turnaround.

Perfect for use in a wide variety of applications, including corporate media, presentations, IVR and telephony messaging, podcasts, broadcast media etc.

A special service exclusively for Fivesquid customers, you can have your script of up-to 80 words (roughly 28-35 seconds) for just £5.00!

Recordings are made with pro equipment and are usually delivered within 24 hours of purchase or supply of script (whichever occurs last). The option for one revision is available on request following the provision of an evaluation file for the first take.

Voiceover Reviews Summary

Rated 5 out of 5
Very good1%

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Fivesquid Core Service

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British Male Voice


Up-to 80 words dry read

A dry, clean read of a script of up-to 80 words (approximately 28-35 seconds). Need more? See the Add-Ons detailed below.

Add-On Services

Add 80 Words


Up-to 160 words dry read

Add an additional 80 words to accommodate scripts totalling up-to 160 words in length.

Add 160 Words


Up-to 240 words dry read

Add an additional 160 words to accommodate scripts totalling up-to 240 words in length.

Client-Supplied Backing Music


mix with voiceover

Mix your backing music track with the voiceover recoding.

Library Backing Music


Up-to 240 words dry read

Include one library backing track mixed with the voiceover recording (conditions apply).

Let’s Get Recording!

Get your script (or scripts) ready, then request a quotation!

Fivesquid Service Terms, Conditions, and Limitations

  • Voiceover recordings are issued under the terms of the standard Voiceover Licence.
  • This service is strictly limited to the limits as advertised. Longer reads (even slightly) will require additional charges. Delivery is limited to MP3 only.
  • Backing music may be added for additional charges. This will be on a non-exclusive basis. You will not be given the clean music file; it will only be provided as part of the mix with the voiceover recording.
  • Scripts that are in languages other than English or fall under certain subject areas will not be read. Such subject areas include anything illegal, of questionable morality or that may not match my own viewpoints. Exclusions include (but are not limited to):

    Scripts in languages other than English; promotion of tobacco products/services (including vaping/e-cigarettes); promotion of products or services related to the motor vehicle industry; scams and dubious schemes (e.g., ‘get rich quick’, pyramid schemes etc.); gambling related products and services (excluding help and recovery); adult sexual and pornographic content; anything which may be considered illegal in the United Kingdom.

    This is not an exhaustive list so, if you are unsure then please ask me to review your script before purchase. If you make a purchase and your script falls under one of the above categories or is otherwise rejected, the sale will be cancelled without liability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)