Transcriptions – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Currently I am unable to accept audio cassette tapes. If you are interested in the transcription of tapes, do please drop me a line and when this changes, I will let you know.

Minidiscs and VHS tapes (audio only) can be accommodated with an additional charge to cover return postage and the dubbing to a digital format.

You will have the option to receive a copy of the dubbed digital audio copy of your tape/disc which will be delivered via a secure download in MP3 (audio) format.

Tapes/discs will be returned using Royal Mail Special Delivery postage. Clients are responsible for the method and cost of sending tapes/discs to me.

All discounts (including for students) are listed under the Discounts page.

The only information I keep about a particular project is data describing what the project was in broad terms (e.g., a television interview delivered as a digital video file) and data relating to my work on that project (e.g., start and end times for a working session and how much audio was transcribed within it).

This data allows me to calculate the average number of audio minutes transcribed in a working hour and in turn, allow me to better estimate how long similar projects might take and whether I have capacity for more work.

For the avoidance of doubt, I do not retain media files nor any of the information (including the entire transcription document) beyond the agreed period of time after project completion.

Data retained:

Client Name, Project Title, Transcription Grade, Media Type, Timestamp (yes/no), Tracking (yes/no), Count of Speakers, Cost per Minute Charged, Date Awarded, Deadline Date, Audio Start/End Times Working Session Start/End Times, Document Word Count at Session End.

Information Calculated:

Media Duration, Total Cost, Length of Media Transcribed So Far, Total Working Time, Audio Minutes Transcribed per Working Hour, Estimated Working Time Remaining, Equivalent Cost per Hour, Words Typed per Minute (project overall), Session Length, Audio Transcribed in Session, Words Typed in Session, Percent Completed in Session, Transcription Rate, Words Typed per Minute (session).

Although many clients are happy transferring media via email or DropBox (for example); it should be noted that these are not the most secure platforms available (although the latter is better than the former).

I offer an option for clients to upload media through this website which employs 256-bit encryption security – just ask me for the link.

Alternatively, for third party file storage and sharing I currently recommend services such as pCloud, Tresorit or Spideroak which offer secure and encrypted transfer and storage.

Unless otherwise requested, speaker identification will be by gender or role (e.g., interviewer, respondent, male, female).

On request, interview transcriptions with three or fewer participants can be tracked with identification made by speaker initials or other unique code. Participants must be clearly identifiable for reliable tracking.

Confidentiality of work is taken very seriously. Whilst a project is underway, I store media on a machine used solely for the purpose and that is not accessible to any other person. No third party is privy to your media or the transcribed document.

When a job is concluded, I will retain media for 24-48 hours unless otherwise requested. After this time, audio/video files and the completed transcription will be deleted.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ZA035992) under the Data Protection Act.

Unlike other transcription organisations, I am a sole trader and do not currently employ the use of a team of transcribers. Whenever you request a commission through Transcribe My Media, you will be working directly with me.

By avoiding the need to pay a staff, I can keep costs down and pass on the savings.

At the moment I’m not recruiting a transcription team. Saying that, I would be happy to keep you on file in case this changes.

Any potential candidate would need to be registered self-employed, registered with the Information Commissioner and able to work on a freelance, ad-hoc basis. You must have at least one year of verifiable experience in providing highly rated accurate transcriptions and be able to work at a minimum average rate of 15 audio minutes per typing hour.

If you would like to be considered to be part of a freelance transcription team, please get in touch.

Standard working hours shared across all commissions are:

  • Monday to Thursday: 9am – 5pm
  • Friday: 6pm – 8pm
  • Saturday to Sunday: variable. Please ask for current availability.

If you have a particular need for work to be done outside of these hours, please ask as I may still be able to accommodate you.

Note: all times GMT/BST as applicable i.e., UK time. Public holidays excluded.

All quotations and invoices are raised in British Pound Sterling (GBP), which applies not only to clients in the UK but overseas too. International clients can make payments in sterling through PayPal.

I have spent over eight years working for a UK County Council providing business services. As part of that job, in addition to the general handling of confidential data and minuting sensitive meetings; I was required to conduct the transcription of various interviews under caution (PACE) for Trading Standards.

More recently, I have provided freelance services to various clients transcribing audio and video files including inter-governmental meetings, television documentary interviews, PhD student interviews, internal company meetings, general dictation, focus groups and telephone interviews.

Standard turnaround time from an agreed commencement date, is up-to two clear working days for up-to one hour (60 minutes) of reasonably clear, well paced audio transcribed to an Intelligent grade. Longer recordings or enhanced grades may require more time.

Note that this is a maximum turnaround time for up-to 60 audio minutes. Where possible and dependent on my schedule, I will look to return transcriptions sooner.

If you need a more urgent response, then subject to availability, I may be able to offer a next-day service for an additional charge. This is limited to a maximum of 30-60 audio minutes (dependent on week day) with audio delivery required by 2pm on the day of arrangement.

A same day service is available when booked in advance. Here, audio must be made available by 10am with the completed document being returned by 6pm.

All clients (UK and worldwide) can make payments by bank transfer or PayPal (including credit/debit card support).

Sorry but cash, cheques and postal orders are not accepted.

For the majority of clients, full payment is due at the conclusion of a job (i.e., when the transcription is delivered).

New customers will be required to pay a deposit of 15% of a quotation before work can commence.

Full payment terms can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

I am Ben Gamblin, a thirty-something living in Warwickshire and working as an independent business services professional.

Before choosing to become self-employed in 2012, I worked at Essex County Council in a business support team providing excellent and reliable back-office and administrative services to various services including Trading Standards and Highways. Before that, I worked through an agency providing similar services on a temporary basis.

All in all, I have over eight years of employed experience in business services in addition to the time spent working as a sole trader.

In principle, yes, although I do have to read it first, of course!

You will be asked to email the document (or provide a link to a location where I can download it) which I shall print, sign, scan and return by email.

If you require the document to be returned by post, a small charge will be levied.

Signed NDAs will be held on file electronically.

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