Advance Bookings

If you know ahead of time that you will be in need of a transcription service, you can request a booking to reserve my time.

Normally, my services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis which means that without reservation, I cannot guarantee my availability particularly further into the future. So if you are aware of a forthcoming transcription requirement, advance bookings can secure that service for you.

The process is simple – just get in touch with me to check availability and following the receipt of a booking fee, the required time to complete your project will be reserved for you.

Bookings are charged at a flat rate of £18.00 per job, deductible from your regular transcription bill as follows:

  • For services that would normally attract a bill of up-to the booking fee, these will be provided at no additional charge. Sorry, but the difference between the booking fee and the normal service cost cannot be refunded or carried forward.
  • Transcriptions attracting a cost higher than the booking fee will have that fee deducted.

Reservations can be made under standard turnaround times, that is, up-to two days for each 60 minute block of audio; or for a higher priority service, if needed and the time is available. See the Rate Sheet for details of per minute costs for all transcription services.If you change your mind, refunds are available as follows:

  • One week (or more) – £15.00 (80%)
  • 3-6 days – £9.00 (50%)
  • Fewer than 3 days – £0.00 (0%)

Note: Bookings and associated fees are only required where you wish to reserve my time in advance of an anticipated transcription requirement. They are not required for requests for immediate service where I am available to provide that service.