Potential Impact of Coronavirus on Services

The coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic presents some risk of disruption to services. At present all services are currently running with minimal disruption limited to some week-by-week variations in available working hours.

The Current Situation

As a freelancer/sole trader, the impact of COVID-19 has so far been low with limited hours lost. However, the situation can still easily change with the disease having a greater impact on my ability to deliver services. For this reason I am taking additional care over the number of projects I accept at any one time.

At present the biggest impact is expected to come from the phased re-opening of schools which may happen from 01 June 2020. Due to specific home arrangements, this could lead to increased childcare requirements which may significantly reduce hours available. The extent to which this impact occurs is currently unknown and will depend on local plans.

Aside from the schools situation, availability can change quickly and all clients (current or potential) are advised to check back on this page from time to time and to follow @bgproservices on Twitter for updates.

In the Event of Disruption (non-sickness).

In the case of any disruption, I will do what I can to minimise the impact for existing projects but may have to limit the number of new projects that can be accepted from any client, existing or new.

In severe cases I may need to suspend services entirely. See below for how this would be managed.

In the Event I Contract the Virus / Service Suspension

If I contract the disease myself and suffer symptoms, all services will be suspended during recovery, as would be the case for any sickness. I may also need to suspend services in the event of other severe disruption.

If you have projects open with me, I will try as far as possible to keep in contact with you so that you are informed directly.

In an emergency situation that suddenly takes me away from work with little to no notice, individual communication may not be possible. Should this happen, I will prioritise sending an emergency message via Twitter. I recommend that all clients, particularly those with active projects, follow the Twitter account (@bgproservices). Clients should set their Twitter apps to alert to posts from this account (go to @bgproservices in the app, click follow, and then click the notification bell).

Where your deadlines will be impacted by a service suspension, my sickness and cancellation policy will apply where you will have the following options:

  • To cancel the service with no delivery. In the event that money has been paid for the service, You will be issued a refund after recovery. There is no further liability.
  • To cancel the service accepting work done so far. Where money has been paid for a full service, a partial refund will be offered after recovery. Where money has not been paid, you will be invoiced based on the work completed to date. This option may not be available in an emergency.
  • To postpone the service. The project will continue after recovery. Where a revised later deadline date is required, a one-off discount of 20% will be offered.

The coronavirus situation is likely to continue to be fast-changing. If you have projects open with me then please ensure you remain contactable by email for any service updates – and again, please follow the Twitter account (@bgproservices).

Last updated: 21 May 2020.